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Wedding Cakes Middlesbrough

Wedding Cake Pictures

The wedding cake pictures on this page are some of the wedding cakes made for previous customers, representing a range of sizes, colours and styles of wedding cake designs. The aim is to give you a feel of what I can produce for you and to help you decide what you would like your cake to look like. The choice is limitless. 


You can opt for a traditional cake, if that works best for you. Alternatively you can break from the norm. Perhaps a chocolate wedding cake instead of a traditionally white iced cake. Maybe a seasonally flavoured cake as seen by the royal wedding cake. However if you’re really adventurous you could choose a themed cake. You will see that the batman cake takes the themed idea one step further. As done with this cake, you can have your cake design split half and half, between two themes or styles. In this cake we have the light, innocent side of the bride with feminine colouring. This contrasts against the dark side of Gotham city and the strong masculine side of Batman, on the other. Whatever takes your fancy, I can design and create for you.

Remember you will also find videos and articles about designs and trends for wedding cakes on our blog pages. These will help your creative ideas come together so you can clearly define what you want your cake to look like. After all your wedding cake will be a centre piece, which you want to look as spectacular as it tastes.

Wedding Cake Flavours

For this reason we put as much love and attention into the inside of your cake as the out. Popular wedding cake flavours and fillings are: Vanilla, Lemon, Cherry Bakewell, Carrot Cake, Fruit Cake, Chocolate and White Chocolate. The colours tend to reflect the flavours unless you want to deviate from this with something else like a rainbow effect inside. Anything is possible and we are always willing to help you get whatever you want. For further information about Andrea Monaco of Wedding Cakes Middlesbrough, please check out my About page. 

Please note that wedding cake bookings come in to us regularly and are often reserved months and even more than a year ahead. To check that your date is available and to get your FREE no obligation quote, please fill in the quick quote form here or via my Contact page. I will confirm your date availability and come back to you promptly with a price for your wedding cake design.

Regards, Andrea.

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